The role of intergovernmental institutions in the governance of peace and security

3,000 words including all footnotes, endnotes and references

Using relevant examples answer the following question:
Critically analyse the role of intergovernmental institutions in the governance of peace and security

Research: This is a research task. You are expected to read beyond the essential readings in the completion of this task. The further readings included in the reading list provide one starting point for your research. However, we expect to see sources from beyond the further readings. The quality of your research which includes the quality of the sources and their relevancy as well as your effective use of that research, are accorded significant weight in the marking criteria. Quality sources are most obviously peer reviewed articles and quality books or book chapters. While the internet is a good research tool and contains an abundance of information, be mindful of the quality and authority of the information you find there. If in doubt of the quality of a source, consult either the Library staff or the Q manual.
Writing quality: Your ability to communicate clearly, articulate your arguments with support, and draw conclusions appropriate to your discussion. Your work should be in full paragraphs, use full sentences and be properly referenced. Also consider structure and organisation. Your essay should include an introduction, a logically organised discussion section and a conclusion. You may use headings and sub- headings.

Formatting instructions: use 12 pt font, 1.5 or double line spacing and be sure to leave a minimum of 2.5 cm margins (this permits space for marker comments).
Plagiarism: Remember, stringing together sentences from different readings (even if referenced properly) can also be regarded as plagiarism as this is not your own work. Also any direct quotes more than 3 lines long need to be in a separate paragraph and indented. The Faculty has very strict procedures to deal with cases of plagiarism.

Submission details: You are required to submit one document by the due date and time in electronic format via turnitin. The submission login can be found on Moodle. Plagiarism will be picked up by turnitin and the software will list in detail the sources from which the material is sourced. Your similarity score will show when you submit. If your submission records a similarity score of 15% or more then you are strongly advised to revisit your assignment and ensure that all quotes are placed in quotation marks and properly attributed.
You should also ensure that paraphrased text is properly paraphrased (it is not enough to change a few words in a sentence). Remember that paraphrased ideas must also be referenced.