The success of tourism development depends on using the most skilled employees in tourism businesses. This is more important than prioritising local employees over skilled workers from elsewhere.

Research the topic above and produce a literature review. It is important that the literature review focuses on both sides of the argument.

You should explore the academic literature primarily and apply sustainable tourism theories, but you may also provide relevant examples from reports to support your discussion. The literature underpinning your subject will reveal some contrasting opinions, and you will need to build a discussion on this, with a clear conclusion drawn at the end. This task will enable you to gain a critical outlook when analysing academic sources. Word count is 1,200 but can further write 10% but not exceed, so please also use the additional amount.

Below is the marking criteria which the lecturer will use for this essay and I have made it specific to a 1st class standard and what the lecturer is looking for in that grademark – 70+

KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING – Demonstrates outstanding knowledge and critical understanding of the well-established principles.

ARGUMENT, EVALUATION AND APPLICATION – Insightful application of underlying concepts and principles (beyond the context in which they were first studied).

RESEARCH/EVIDENCE AND INTERPRETATION – Authoritative use of a range of data/ techniques in order to undertake critical analysis.

PRESENTATION, STRUCTURE AND REFRENCING – Information professionally presented, structured and communicated (to specified audience?); references accurate, reliable and precise.

As for referencing please use academic books and journals only and a minimum of around 13-15, harvard format. References are not included in total word count for essay