The Unshared Happiness

For this essay, you will need to recall your copious note taking from our viewing of Sean Penns Into the Wild film. Create a strong interpretive or analytical thesis. Provide details from the film to illustrate and support your claim. Guide the reader carefully. Be sure you are making a point and illustrating and supporting it. Are you making an argument about characterization, theme, plot, underlying ideology?

Option C: Consider the special, collaborative circumstances that led to Sean Penns film. How was his interpretation of Chriss story shaped by Krakauers telling of the story? How does the film draw upon author Jon Krakauers work? How does this film build upon the foundation of the textual version?

I expect this essay to be one you will be proud of. It should be free of any errors, such as failure to italicize film and novel titles. Use sources if they are helpful. Quote accurately and carefully from any sources you use, and include a Works Cited page. Create a title for your essay that eludes to your thesis or angle. Be creative and thoughtful.