The Yin and Yany of American Culture A Paradox by Eun Y Kim

1st theme- Expectation of Easy Life ( this is personal because growing up I was constantly told to stuck it up because life is not fair. My parents allowed me to have some time for my feelings before they would ask what is the lesson you learned about situation and yourself.)
2nd theme-Never slowing down (personal- growing in New York City it was the norm to walk a million miles an hour, I think New Yorkers invented speed walking. Yet when I visit my family in Puerto Rico it takes a day or so to relax and walk slower and not get in the patient when driving. It is more laid back but I\’ve also realized people are more present versus people in the States who are already thinking about the weekend instead of being more consciously aware of the now.)
3rd theme- Lack of Loyalty (I was able to relate to this because I once had a coworker whom I thought was a friendship. I soon learn she was sabotaging my work in order to discredit me to the new department manager.)
4th theme- Impersonal Relationships ( I connected with this because I have personally meet many superficial people in my lifetime and they many seem to want to know you not because they care but because they are just nosy. I was able to identify with Asians since my culture is all about personal relationships and family. Although when someone asks something really personal I jokily respond \” let\’s break bread before we get into such topics.)
5th theme- Prejudice ( personal- I am a Latin American woman born and raised in this country but I have had experiences throughout my life (more than usual this past year-) as though I am not a US citizen. It is astonishing how many people in this country do not know American history. This sense of entitlement is spilled over to many other yin themes.