Theories of Disruptive Innovation and Value Innovation

Critically analyze, compare, and contrast the theories of disruptive innovation and value innovation. This means you will need to define each theory and then compare and contrast these theories: How are they alike? How are they different?
Choose any publicly traded company (listed on any stock exchange, such as NYSE, Tokyo, et cetera) and analyze that organization\’s capacity for strategic foresight and opportunities for disruptive or value innovation, based on your analyses of the theories. As part of your evaluation, consider the organization\’s successes and failures in this capacity, focusing on events within the last five (5) years.

Research Tips
For a successful paper, be sure to carefully research the theories and the organization with validated information, such as peer-reviewed journals (PRJ) or practitioner journals (PJ) from the Capella University Library. Please note that company Web sites are a starting point only and are not validated information.

The research for your company evaluation should start with PRJs and PJs. Expect that you will need to obtain current information from business publications such as WSJ, Hoovers, Datamonitor, MarketLine, Yahoo Finance, CEO Express, SEC Edgar (for example, all SEC filings such as a 10k), and annual reports. You can also use information from company Web sites; however, use caution because only financial information on the site is validated. Make sure these are not your only sources. Do not use case study Web sitesthis is a seductive trap that should be avoided.