Theory Analysis

In this paper, you will describe a nursing theory and its application to nursing practice. This paper should be no more than 8-10 pages long. The focus of this paper is on the application of theory to nursing practice. A brief description of the components of the theory should be presented in this paper. The focus should be on application of the NURSING theory. SUBMIT VIA THE DROPBOX BY DUE DATE INDICATED.

Components of the theory
Major concepts of theory
Philosophical basis/underpinnings; worldview
Conceptual model (if available)
Structural aspects of the theory (including but not limited to)
assumptions, theorems, propositions, etc.
relations of concepts and assumptions
clarity, simplicity, and ease of application of theory
Consistency and adequacy of theory

. Use of theory in:
nursing practice
nursing education
nursing administration
nursing research
A literature review will provide the basis for this section. If this theory has not been used in these areas, address why this is so (based upon your understanding of the theory and what you have learned through your literature review).


Identify an area of your practice where this theory could be applicable.
The area may be used to theory test, theory generate, etc.
What is the question that the theory will help to answer?
Describe the area of interest in relationship to the theory/theoretical model.
Discuss the appropriateness of this theory in its applicability to the area of practice.
Discuss the use of theory in pursuing this area of interest. What are the steps /methods that you might use? Be specific (e.g., discussing your area of practice as it relates to the concepts and/or parts of theory you are using).
Are there weaknesses in this theory that make it difficult to use in real situations? If so, please discuss.

Evaluation of theory – your thoughts about the theory
How \”user friendly\” is the theory?
What are some of the difficulties you encountered or would you anticipate you might encounter in trying to use this theory?
What would make this theory more usable or applicable to practice, and why?

Maximum of 5 points will be deducted for errors in APA.
If paper is to be no longer than 10 pages, grade will be based upon first 10 pages (not including title page or references).

Total 100%