Theory Examination and Application to Practice

Theory Examination and Application to PracticeFor the Unit 7 assignment you will be drafting the second part or your final project.In the second part of your final project (think of this as the final two sections of your final project), you will research existing practice tools or intervention protocols that have been derived from your chosen theory. You will provide a brief analysis of the links between your chosen tool and your chosen theory. You will justify the research-based evidence for the use of the tool or protocol in your specific area of nursing practice, as well as propose strategies for how to integrate the tool or protocol into your practice.After you have analyzed the tool or protocol, you will take a closer look at how it fits your practice or clinical specialization while considering modifications that could make the tool or protocol more effective for you and also address the needs of a culturally competent practice along with any ethical, legal, or regulatory considerations.Keep in mind one of the guiding tenets of this course as you approach your work on this assignment: The role of master\’s level nurses is informed and improved by being based on theory. The professional nurse must apply theory to continually address the trends and needs of health care systems and populations.Section 3: Critical Examination of Theory (2 to 3 pages)In Section 3 of this assignment, you will conduct a critical examination of your chosen theory. This examination will help you to distill your theory down into clear and simple tenets that can be more easily applied to your practice. You will also consider the accessibility and importance of the theory to your practice.In this section be sure that you:Create clear and simple statements that express the key tenets of your chosen theory.Explain how your statements fit the scope of the theory.Explain how your statements are grounded in identifiable or measurable phenomena.Explain how your created tenets lead to improvement in your own practice.Explain ways in which a nursing theory can be used to collaborate with other professionals to improve health care.Section 4: Evaluation of Practice Tool or Intervention Protocol and Application to Personal Practice (2 to 3 pages)In Section 4 of this assignment, you will identify and analyze an existing practice tool or intervention protocol that was derived from your chosen nursing theory. You will then examine ways to incorporate your chosen tool or protocol into your personal practice, and evaluate cultural, ethical, or legal considerations that utilizing the tool or protocol might bring up.In this section be sure that you:Describe a research-based practice tool or intervention protocol and what it helps a nurse to do or to measure.Analyze links between your chosen tool or protocol and your chosen theory.Explain how a tool or protocol is a practice example of your chosen theory.Describe strategies to integrate the use of the tool or protocol into your own practice.Explain how your chosen tool or protocol enables you to be a culturally competent health care practitioner.Explain any relevant ethical, legal, or regulatory considerations that application of the tool or protocol have to your practice.Note: The resource \”Final Paper Outline and Headings\” may prove useful if you find yourself struggling about how to organize a particular part of the paper or to help you generate ideas about what to write. This is a resource only, and you are not expected to follow it as you write your assignment.Other RequirementsYour assignment should also meet the following requirements:Structure: A title page with a running head, pagination, and APA formatted reference list.Length: This paper should be 4–6 pages in length.References: A minimum of two scholarly references.APA formatting: Use appropriate APA formatting throughout the paper, including the title page, citations, headings, and reference list.Font: Times New Roman 12 point font, double spaced.Writing: Must be reflective of professional and graduate level expectations.Note: Your instructor may also use the Writing Feedback Tool to provide feedback on your writing. In the tool, click the linked resources for helpful writing information.