Thought and questions after reading(please related to course)

This course is called \”Postmodernity and Social Theory\”,please take a look at the syllabus first, then you need to read three readings
(3. Alondra Nelson, Introduction: Future Texts, Social Text, 71 (Summer 2002), special issue on Afrofuturism, pp. 1-15.*
4. Ron Eglash, African Influences in Cybernetics, in Chris Hables Gray, ed., The Cyborg Handbook, New York Routledge, 1995, pp. 17-27.*
5. Teresa Brennan, Inertia, in Exhausting Modernity: Grounds for a New Economy, New York: Routledge, 2000, pp. 55-73.)
from the reading list in \”week8 (Oct.31)\”, I will give you the reading materials.
In this PPT presentation, you write some sentences/paragraphs that most interest you from different readings, and please remember to note which book do they come from. Also, you need to raise some questions to students, the questions need to relate to readings and this course \”postmodernity and social theory\”. You don\’t need to put cover page, don\’t need name this PPT, just write the main things, I will finish when I receive it. If you have questions, please let me know. Thank you!