Timeloops: Predestination

Your final assignment will be an Academic Essay:

You will be required to write an essay of 2,000 words [not including footnotes or bibliography] that responds to the following task:

Choosing one film from the unit, give a critical account of the film\’s key themes, its concepts and ideas and how these aspects are conveyed by the film itself, with reference to its mise en scene, narrative structure, and place within genre theory.

Your essay will demonstrate an understanding of one or more of the central concepts from the unit, as well as your ability to apply these concepts to the film you have researched and to films included in the unit schedule, while referencing at least four of the required unit readings, and three academic readings from outside it. [Non-academic citations are not acceptable].

Your essay will be referenced using the Harvard Inline Referencing System and will include a list of referenced works on the last page of the essay. [References cited will only be those cited in the text of your essay]. The essay should include your name and student number on the top of the first page, be double line spaced and justified to the left hand side of the page.

Please submit your essay to Turnitin via the link on the unit iLearn page by 11.58pm on the due date.

Marking Criteria

Evidence of a depth of research and reading
Demonstration of further research beyond unit readings
Demonstrate critical engagement with central concepts and theory of the course and be able to apply these to your film example[s].
Present a clearly structured essay and well-supported argument
Ability to contextualise the film as part of film history
Ability to relate the film to one (or more) of the concepts evident in the core readings
The use of academic Harvard inline referencing