Tinder and Relationships among emerging adults

The first part of this assessment is a literature review of four journal articles that was previously done. This second assessment is a research proposal and a written report following a questionnaire and survey I have conducted and analysed. Basically I want you to help me write it nicely and fine plenty of references. I have attached plenty of files to help you.

Please find the following instructions for the assignment:

Assessment task 2: Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis

Task: In this second assignment you will have the oportunity to extend your knowledge from assessment 1 by actually undertaking a survey of people\’s views on the topic you have identified. The questionnaire and data analysis should be designed to answer the following questions:
a. Overall, what are peoples attitudes to the target issue?
b. Do these attitudes vary systematically with the type of person?
c. What statistically significant relationships, if any, exist between these different attitudes and personal traits?
The subject variables which define the type of person may be demographic variables, such as age, gender, ethnic origin, occupational or educational background, but may also be attitudinal variables, such as political affiliation.
Subject types defined by combinations of these variables should also be considered.

Submission and Approvals
There are three components involved in the development of the final assessment document. All sections are to be submitted as one document at the end of the semester.
1) Research proposal
(I have uploaded a draft of assessment 2 to help you fill write this part)

Your proposal will consist of the following sections:
a) A title page: title of project.

b) Introduction (about two pages)
– statement of issue to be investigated and its importance
– brief literature review (incl. a mixture of academic and non academic sources)

c) Research aim. This is to then be broken down into a set of Hypotheses, Objectives or Questions. (about half a page)

d) A discussion of your intended methodology. We will discuss things that would be included here throughout the semester but we would definately expect to see ref to: sample frames, justification for inclusion or variables in your survey, details on the mechanism for survey distribution, approach to analysis etc.

e) References
Note: It is expected that material from assessment 1 will be used in this first part of assessment 2 as both assessments are on the same topic.
( I have uploaded assessment 1 for you to review, however it is crucial to specify in the assessment that the focus of this study had to slightly change from specific Casual sexual relationships to broadly Casual vs committed relationships, due to ethical regulations from my university!!)

2) Written Report
In this section students will outline the key findings from their research.
(I have uploaded a written analysis that needs to be broken down and written nicely + added references)
The report should include:
a. Presentation of your research results
b. Discussion of those results in the context of your literature review in part 1.
d. Key research conclusions.

2500 words approximate

Please let me know if you have any concerns or questions, I\’m really counting on you as I have no time to write this assessment. You are saving my life.

Kind regards,