to make it illegal for cruise ships to run their diesel engine when docked in UK port

you should write briefing paper i attached example of briefing paper.

They are central to any policy-making or awareness raising campaign. A good briefing paper should make the policy-making or awareness campaign process better and clearer and enthuse people to get involved and care about the issue. you should write recent figures or data and use picture of diesel engine ship on first page. it should total 3 pages A4 sizes and first, second page should write about policy briefing paper and last page only!!!!
referencing paper (Harvard style) last pages only referencing.

-template : template should be word-file-new from template – holiday newsletter and save briefing paper as pdf file. also mention solution for making it illegal for cruise ships to run their diesel engine when docked .
solution can be putting in electricity to make not to run cruise ship diesel engine when docked in ports in the UK

Marking Criteria:
Depth of research on the nature and scale of the issue.
Quality and depth of stakeholder analysis.
Quality of the advocacy argument for your preferred policy option.

the campaign is for my topic is to make it illegal for cruise ships to run their diesel engine when it docked in the UK ports. as topic should be related to UK tourism issue you should write title with (u can put example of London cruise ship port or other UK cruise ship port)

1. ISSUE ANALYSIS: critically assesses the policy issue and policy options being reviewed and uses statistics to show the scale and nature of the problem and who are currently benefiting and losing from the current situation. It may cover:

The background and history of the issues and why it should be addressed now:
The position/core arguments of key players.
The key facts, as you see them who have been the main winners and losers to date in this issue?
The policy stances of key stakeholders concerned with the issue.

2. PROPOSALS: this section:
Puts forward your preferred policy option(s) or programme of action.
States who will benefit from your proposals
Discusses briefly how your proposals might be implemented and what resources may be required (money, reorganisation, administrative change, value or interest change, etc)
Presents options for the way forwards, especially if you are trying to raise awareness of an issue you should not close it off by proposing only one way forward, suggest a few options. This will make others feel they are included in the process and allow you to react to the situation as it develops
Considers the implications of your proposals for the main stakeholders and states why they may like to join your campaign.

State what actions are you wanting people / groups to take?
o Adopt a wait and see attitude (i.e. watching position)
o Take action to develop new policy straight away
o Undertake more research
o Raise awareness of the issues within the general public
Who could / should it collaborate with?

4. CONCLUSION: this briefly reiterates the problem, its scale and your proposed way forward