To what extent is the validity of the claim that a high salary and good working conditions affect staff motivation within an organisation?

This is a business research proposal. This essay needs to identify and outline an appropriate methodology you will use to conduct an investigation, the results of which, through synthesis and evaluation, address a problem related to into the question in the paper topic above; plan which range of sources of information you will draw upon to support the investigation and which procedures and techniques will be appropriate to the analysis of a complex business situation. You will be able to plan how you will demonstrate criticality (independent thinking) in the evaluation and synthesis of information relating to the discipline and/or its practice. You will be able to present your plans/proposal in a professional or academic style.
The proposal is expected to address a business-related problem of practical and academic interest
1. Introduction: This section should describe concisely the significance of the research problem (why it matters) and the reason behind your choice of this topic. If your research design involves a case study this section may also include some background information about the case study organization (approx. 150 words).

2. Literature review: This section should report and critique the existing research about your chosen topic (and its pertinent subject area), which will eventually lead to the development of your research question(s). It is important that the literature you are reviewing and discussing (i) relates to your research question(s) (and vice versa); (ii) is contemporary and based on some recent articles and (iii) emphasises the research gap that you have identified and will attempt to address in your research study (approx. 1200 words)

3. Research questions: This should be based on your literature review and you usually commence this section with a brief recap on what is already known about your chosen topic and its pertinent subject area and then you conclude this section with a comprehensive discussion about your research question(s), research objectives/hypotheses and the unexplored areas of the research problem that you are planning to investigate (approx. 500 words)

4. Method: This section should discuss how you intend to answer your research question(s). It should explain very clearly the rationale (with justification) behind your choice of data collection method(s) and technique(s) (qualitative or quantitative). In summary, it should cover the following areas (approx. 500 words):
Research approach: Qualitative/Quantitative (or mixed), as well as justification for the chosen research design;
Research instruments, data collection techniques and procedures;
Sampling strategy you have chosen and the reason for making this choice.

5. Access and Ethics: This section should discuss what you consider to be the key ethical implications of your work and it should also explain how you will gain access to the research field, i.e. how you will find the information you need (approx. 150 words).

6. References: This should list all the resources cited using the Harvard referencing style (see and if the link does not work please check the Universitys Website or Library for further details) (not included in the word-count).

7. Appendices: Preliminary draft of questionnaires, interview or observation structures and so on should be included in the appendices (not included in the word-count).