Topic for essay: Demand analysis for business decision making.

Academic Guidelines:

To meet the requirements of the assessment of the economics module you are required to work individually and write an essay on the topic given above. The following guidelines should be followed:

1. All students enrolled on the module must work individually.

2. Select a product, a service or a new business.

3. Select a country of your choice as a market where you intend to launch your product, service or start your business.

4. Book an appointment to discuss the selected product and country with your tutor and get it approved.

5. Review the literature to build up the foundation of your study.

6. Identify the variables related to the topic of demand analysis, such as demand, supply, elasticity of demand and supply, market structure, nature of competition, and government intervention etc. Identify how each factor may affect the selected product, service or new business positively or negatively, for example, the government intervention and/or the nature of the product/service or business.

7. Collect secondary data about different variables of demand analysis from different sources and use it in the essay.

8. Build up the argument discussing the positive and negative effects of different factors affecting your decision, write your recommendation and conclusions and justify them.

9. Make sure the sources used in the report are properly referenced to acknowledge the work of the authors.