Topic: Project Research Report

\”Does informal development lead to economic gains in Dharavi slums?\”

then in TASK 2.

I explained that how will I proceed for my Capstone Project Report.
I am attaching that Interim Presentation here titled Task 2.

Now you have to prepare Task 3.
that is a Capstone Project (report)
on the Topic.

the Task 3 guidelines are as below:

Task: 3

Professional Research Project

You will submit the written report, which conforms to a professional report standard, and is presented appropriately for the various audiences for which it is intended. Decisions about the structure of the report will be made by students, but the final submission must include content in the following topic areas:

– A title page: provide a short title and identify all authors

– A Table of Contents: provide an outline of the report

– An Executive Summary of no more than one page which provides a prcis of all contents

– An introduction: introduce the issue/ problem and outline the structure and content of the report including your Research question, and the scholarly and conceptual framing,
You must identify a clear research question, or series of research questions that identifies what particular aspect of the issue your research addresses.

– Background to the problem: Identify the issue/ problem and its development, identify any key developments or existing policies/ strategies, and systematically identify all stakeholders; link to the development of the Research Question.

– Literature Review: draw on, and cite, the academic material (theory) and policy or primary documents which have informed your argument and response. You will present the philosophical approach(es) and knowledge frameworks which have best assisted you to respond to your problem/issue. Identify any gaps you see in the literature.

– Methodology: explain your research methodology, paradigm and methods. How did you conduct your project and why did you choose these methods to investigate and respond? Consider all ethical issues which you recognize may arise. Identify how you analyzed the material (e.g. thematic analysis or content analysis).

– Discussion of findings: Summarize what you found from your analysis of the material. Identify any key themes or challenges identified in relation to developing a policy response to your problem. Identify different stakeholder perspectives that emerged from your analysis.

– Recommendations: You must offer a minimum of three very well scoped, measurable recommendations, with clear management, responsibility and time lines. Be very clear and specific and ensure all stakeholder perspectives are represented. Avoid vague, unowned recommendations.

– Conclusions: Summarize your report and make some concluding remarks about the policy problem and its possible resolution in the future. Identify any future research that could or should be undertaken and/or any future challenges that might arise. Suggest a possible way forward.
– A comprehensive bibliography following the Harvard referencing system

Assessment Criteria

The Professional Research Project will be assessed on the following criteria:

Depth, mapping and critical literacy in articulation of executive summary, research question, and identification of background, context, policy and legislative constraints and thorough, detailed discussion of stakeholders.
Clear identification and demonstrated understanding of relevant schools of thought or theory from your field of study, to situate the topic area.
A thorough, critical and well balanced Literature Review which draws on contemporary peer reviewed material and a comprehensive sweep of relevant policy and primary material. Ensure multiple citations for major claims (minimum 25 peer reviewed sources).
A well justified and appropriate research methodology, including a developed and well cited paradigm statement and clear outline and recipe of the methods and research design employed. Critically contextualized discussion of findings, which relate primary data to the themes from the literature review, with at least three (3) timely, specific and measurable recommendations included.
Thoughtful and considered structure, which includes all contents mandated above.
High standard of written presentation, including audience-appropriate language and excellence in Harvard citations and referencing, including proper citation of page numbers for quotes or paraphrases/specific ideas.