Topic: Unit 1-5

Compare and contrast your understanding of the differences in values of employee management within public organizations and for-profit organizations. Use the materials you located earlier to support your position, being sure to cite your references according to APA guidelines.

Review the case study materials and consider the traditional values and ethical issues that confronted George Tenet. How did these values contribute to his failures in managing the CIA during a time of crisis? With the benefit of hindsight, what could or should have been done differently? Support your comments with appropriately cited references to the readings.

Explain motivational theory in human resource management in the public sector. Illustrate an example of motivational theory being put into to practice within human resource management

Analyze ethical principles in regulatory management of private organizations, from both a theoretical and a practical perspective. How does this differ from public organizations?

Explain the peak of federal employees that occurred in 1990, and project where that number will go given the current climate in the congress. How will this affect public administrators, not only from a human resource perspective, but also in other ways? What can a human resources department offer to address the issues that might arise? Support your positions with appropriately cited references to the texts or other academically credible sources.

Review the case study \”Privatization,\” which you read earlier in this unit. From the point of view of a consultant brought in to assess and recommended solutions, explain the conflict between privatization and a staff model for the sanitation department. What recommendations would you make from your point of view as a consultant to resolve the situation?

Support your points and recommendations with appropriately cited references to the texts and other academically sound resources.

Compare and contrast the major classification methodologies. In your discussion, be sure to address the requirements different classification methodologies pose for the organization and the effect of the methodology on employees. These requirements and effects should include (but are not limited to):

Point evaluation.
Factor comparison.
Market comparison.

You may include pay systems that modify these systemsfor example, broad-banding. Support your points and observations with appropriately cited references to the texts or to articles from peer-reviewed or professional journals.

Review the case study \”Who\’s Most Qualified to be Minority Recruitment Director\” in Public Personnel Management. Using the questions listed under Process as your guidelines, discuss what you think the ideal knowledge, skills, and abilities for a minority recruitment director for your organization would be.

Finding the best mix of new perspectives and existing knowledge is an important aspect of the public sector human resources manager\’s challenge. Consider and explain how to bring necessary skills into the organization without upsetting productivity in the workforce. Describe the challenges and pitfalls you need to be aware of as you balance locally available skills with internal skills as you recruit talent to your organization. Be sure to support your positions with appropriately cited references to academically sound sources.

Consider the organization you are using for your final project and decide whether it is more efficient and effective to hire on new skills or to send current staff to training to acquire these new needed skills. Explain your analysis in detail and support your position with appropriately cited references to the readings and other relevant literature.

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