Trademark, trademark infringement, trademark disputes

Paper:Your paper must be 5-7 pages long (double spaced; use a Times New Roman, 12 point font).The paper should evaluate/analyze a legal issue from a language perspective.Your paper must meet the standards of a college level paper, both in content and in terms of writing mechanics. Be sure to include a Works Cited section and to cite your sources properly in the text. (MLA or APA style are both fine.) Papers must be submitted to you’re doing an analysis paper, two or three academic sources may be enough. If you’re doing a research paper, at least three relevant scholarly sources in addition to our course readings, will do.Trademark disputes and plagiarism. Trademark Disputes: Can Mr. Arnand Ramnath Mani continue to use his internet domain name: that raise the question when something should be considered a trademark and when there are trademark violations. This is another great topic to pursue.Trademark disputes and plagiarism do not involve taped evidence but may involve linguistic expert testimony. Investigate what types of arguments linguists use to weigh in on these matters. For an excellent summary of the arguments that Shuy used when he was asked to testify in the “McSleep” case, read the article by Lentine and Shuy below. Summarize what arguments he used and consider whether they can be applied to another case of presumed trademark infringement.Possible trusted sources:Genine Lentine and Roger W. Shuy, “Mc-: Meaning in the Marketplace.”American SpeechVol. 65, No. 4, Special Issue: Papers on Language, Variability, and Law (Winter, 1990), pp. 349-366. Published by: Duke University Press;Article Stable URL: ttp:// Shuy, Linguistic Battles in Trademark DisputesTurell, “Plagiarism” (In: Gibbons and Turell (eds.) Dimensions of Forensic LinguisticsCoulthard and Johnson An Introduction to Forensic Linguistics: Language in Evidence. Chapter 9.3 must have cases in my paper. Arnand Ramnath Mani case. Mcsleep&Mcdonalds case and case with Kardashian family. Kardashian’s last name is a registered trademark. Blac Chyna after she got married to Rob Kardashian tried to use her husband’s last name in her trademark.