Trauma Interventions

Please use the info from order81740067 and make sure integrate the journal(Early Interventions Following Exposure to Traumatic Events: Implications for Practice From Recent Research
ATLE DYREGROV Centre for Crisis Psychology, Bergen, Norway
STEPHEN REGEL Centre for Trauma, Resilience and Growth, Nottingham, United Kingdom) uploaded in the powerpoint.It has to be a group facilitation so I need to involve the group in the presentation.Please provide my notes as well with the powerpoint.Please follow assignment 2-Group marking Guide(25%) : Facilitation(5) plan;Group Facilitation(10):srtucture(5, skill demonstration(5); Critical reflection(10) Please make the power point powerful to the audience and make sure i can involve them in my presentation. You may want to attach interview in the powerpoint with a traumatized person or attach pictures or music.