True North Hospitality

Assignment 3 10%
True North Hospitality

Now that you have costed out the price for the Heavenly Bed, you also need to determine what type of amenities the Hotel will put into the guest bathrooms. The queen rooms are considered standard room types and they will have basic amenities.

Using the price list provided to you from True North Hospitality develop your amenity packages for the rooms. You have $1.00 per room for these amenities and the King rooms which are considered executive rooms will have a budget of $2.00 per room. We have a good relationship with True North Hospitality and they do not charge us shipping on our deliveries but remember there is HST.

Using Excel, please list amenities per room type, size of the product and their costs; You may see pictures of the products from this website (

Please also make sure you specify Why did you pick those items? Include the grand total of all new amenities going into the rooms. You may be 1 3 cents off from the given budget; however anything more than 3 cents ($0.03) will result in marks deduction.


Due Date: November 3rd, 2016

Total Marks: 34 marks (10%)

Please submit your assignment via Dropbox in eConestoga by November 3rd, 2016 (by midnight). Please make sure you use the following format when saving your file in Excel format: Last Name _First Name_True North (ie. Roselli_Cora_True North)