UAE Exchange Center LLC

You are required to write a short report based on a given case study which i will upload it now, you are requested to write and answer those questions below to write the report from the case study of Dubai Airport Free Zone Here are the four questions that you need to address in your report. QUESTION 1 What are the key drivers for the adoption of the excellence program in the company as described in the case study. You are expected to both analyse the information provided in the case and the unique environment of the company QUESTION 2 The case presents the excellence journey of a company. How does the RADAR methodology add value to companies by enhancing performance in a sustainable way QUESTION 3 Discuss how participating in an an award process has contributed to the enhancement of the business performance of a company? Use your case to illustrate your argument. QUESTION 4 Develop in your own words your own perspective on the linkages between business excellence and company performance. Use the EFQM model components to illustrate those linkages. Question 5 In your own words, provide some recommendations (Area for improvements) to any of the enabler criteria of your choice and justify why do you propose those recommendation