understanding roles, responsibilties and relationships in education and training

You have been asked to produce a assignment that mentors within your organisation can use when supporting new members of staff. The assignment needs to outline some of your organisations procedures and be a useful reference point. In this document you will:

a) explain the teaching training role and responsibilities in education and training
b) explain how the teaching/training role involves working with other professionals
c) explain the boundaries between the teaching/training role and other professional roles including points of referral to meet the needs of learners
d) summarise key aspects of legislation, regulatory requirements and codes of practice relevant to the role and responsibilities of your own professional role.

You can produce the information leaflet in any written format of your choice and may include tables, charts and diagrams where appropriate.

Task B Reflective account

Considering your learning in this unit or drawing on your own experience, provide a reflective account in relation to the following:

a) explain why it is important to promote appropriate behaviour and respect for others (ref. 2.2)
b) ways to promote equality and value diversity (ref. 1.3)
c) the importance of identifying and meeting the needs of learners (ref. 1.4)
d) ways to maintain a safe and supportive learning environment. (ref. 2.1)

Your reflective account may be in any written format of your choice.