Value of public relations in society

[Assignment #3] Value of public relations in society (40%)
Although the public relations profession has a positive outlook with an anticipated 26% increase in
headcount by 2020, we are confronted with the challenge of having to justify our value to society. In this
assignment, you will write a report (as if you are promoting PR to an organization which does not
currently practice public relations) to justify the value of public relations with the following structure:
1) Definitions of public relations
2) Purposes of public relations
3) Processes of public relations
4) Consequences of public relations
5) If you are enrolled in STC5SOC (30 credit points), you will make detailed descriptions of two
case studies where public relations is applied to make advancements in society. If you are
enrolled in STC5COS (15 credit points), you will do one case study. Case study is a thick
description of a case using a variety of sources, such as websites and newspaper articles. The case
study archives of Edelman have some examples of cases:

specify how public relations is used in the case(s) selected.
6) Conclusion