Rules for the Paper Assignment
1) Provide a cover page with your name, class information, and date. Begin the text of your paper at thetop of the following page.
2) The paper should be about 3 pages in length, NOT including the cover page.
3) Double-space the text of your paper. The pages must have 1-inch margins on the top, bottomand sides. Do not leave large spaces between the paragraphs of your paper.
4) You must use evidence from the sources listed above to support your responses to the questions.When you quote from and make reference to a source follow the modified MLA citation method thatis shown in the citation handout.
5) Provide a works cited page using the modified MLA citation method shown in the citationhandout.
6) Your writing must conform to the basic rules of English grammar and spelling. If English isnot your primary language, please let me know.
7) The paper must be submitted as a printed copy. I do not accept papers as email attachments or onzip/jump drives.
8) If you give me a rough draft of your paper, you must submit the rough draft with your final copyotherwise it will not be graded!
Criteria for Grading the Victim Biography Paper Assignment
1) Responding to all questions that are part of the assignment
2) Using sufficient evidence from the assigned sources
3) Avoiding errors in your interpretation of the sources
4) The quality of your writing, spelling, and grammar
5) Following all the rules for the assignment