Viewpoint Comparrison Essay

Select two news sources with very different viewpoints from each other but which discuss some of the same issues. You should easily recognize the way that viewpoints act as \”filters\” so that two writers starting with the same facts will interpret them very differently. You may find it helpful to analyze their choice of graphics, navigation, typography, advertisements, letters to the editor, tables of contents, etc. Once you have determined the contrasting viewpoints of the sources, locate an article in each source that discusses approximately the same subject matter (international events, politics, science, etc.). Use these two articles to write a three-page essay demonstrating this assignment’s thesis: the viewpoint of a magazine influences the opinions expressed in the articles it publishes. Be sure to document your sources with APA in-text citations and accompanying APA references page.Resource for Success:Submit your paper to SmartThinking writing lab (optional – see External Links)Tips for Success:Be sure that you include all requirements of the assignment in your paper. After you write your paper, review the requirements again to be sure that you included everything.All papers require APA formatted references and citations. Be sure to review your references and citations to ensure proper formatting. Be sure to follow APA guidelines for formatting your papers – including a cover page and references page. All papers should be double-spaced and in 12 pt. Times New Roman.Be especially sure that you integrate concepts covered in class into your paper. Think about what has been covered in class prior to your next paper, and be sure to integrate these concepts into your paper.Be very careful not to plagiarize. If you are not clear about exactly what plagiarism is, please review the content in the course syllabus. CityU implements its Scholastic Honesty policy rigorously.Do not write in first or second person (me, I, we, our, us, etc.). APA requires all papers to be written in third person.Do not use contractions (such as \”can\’t,\” \”won\’t,\” \”don\’t,\” etc.) in academic writing. Instead, use \”cannot,\” \”will not,\” and \”do not.\”