Virgin Group External Analysis

For this assignment, review the organization and the industry before applying the strategic models below to your selected firm Virgin Group). You will need at least five current, scholarly or professional resources to complete this assignment. Follow these steps:

Complete a PEST analysis for the selected firm. Be sure that this is based on research of the organization, not conjecture or opinion.
Complete Porter\’s Five Forces Model for the selected firm. Pay particular attention to the relationships of elements from both models.
Assignment Requirements
Using the results from both PEST and Porter\’s Five Forces models, write a 4-6 page executive briefing report to organizational leadership that outlines the key findings for an external analysis of environmental and industry influences that could impact the strategy of your selected firm. An Executive Briefing Report template is available in the Assignment Resources. Support your report with at least five academic resources and include the following:

Title with introduction.
An explanation of key findings from PEST analysis.
An explanation of key findings from Five Forces analysis.
A summary of key findings/results for both models.
Recommendations for leadership as a result of your external analysis.
Reference page. Note: Title and reference pages are NOT counted in the overall page count.
Your summary should be written clearly and be communicated effectively to organizational leadership in a business environment.