Walt Whitman, Digital Humanities, Archiving

*Please give me a writer fluent in English who also has a background in Literature and/or Digital Humanities and who can write at a college level.This is to be an essay on the history of using digital archives in literature and why we still care about archiving Walt Whitman\’s work specifically today. I\’ve included a rough outline below that you may use if you think it would be helpful (but please do NOT include the outline itself as part of the essay). Please only use scholarly sources from well-reputed databases (for example: MLA International Bibliography, EBSCOhost, Literature Online, JSTOR, etc.). Please include a full Works Cited page at the end of the essay with citations for all of the sources you use, as well as in-text citations throughout the essay as needed. It is IMPERATIVE that you use whitmanarchive.org as a source and refer to it in the discussion of archiving. It must be at the very LEAST, 20 pages double-spaced in Times New Roman font.1. Introductiona. Maybe include people\’s fascination with Whitman; why such a big deal, what he has been praised for, what makes his writing different or stand out (for example, \”Leaves of Grass\” was considered groundbreaking work at the time of its publication and is still one of his best known works today)2. Our want as human beings to preserve works of art/writing – connect back to Whitmana. Archiving allows us to do this3. Archives and their traditional uses – what IS an archive? How have they evolved/transformed through time? What are they now with respect to Literature?a. How the Walt Whitman archive differs or coincides with this traditional use, depending on what you find on whitmanarchive.org.