Westward expansion or slavery (choose one)

Part II: Essay Question. The other portion of Exam #3 will consist of one (1) essay question/answer. Select ONE of the two essays below to write. You will answer the question below in an essay format (introduction, body, conclusion), incorporating reference to the various readings and other course materials that are relevant to the essay question. Remember, the more relevant specific references you are able to make, the higher the score that you earn on the essay. PAGE LIMIT: NO MORE THAN THREE (3) typed, double-spaced pages. 50 points
Essay Questions:Discuss the importance of westward expansion since 1800. What were some of the key land acquisitions, and how was expansion carried out? What was federal policy towards Native Americans and Mexico, and how did it factor into expansion? Finally, what ideological concepts were associated with expansion, and how did they shape American identity in the antebellum era?Discuss the practice of slavery in America since the 1810s. How did slavery change in this period? What ideological and economic concepts drove people to support or oppose slavery? How did slaves live, and how did they resist the institution? Finally, what factor did slavery play in the coming of the Civil War?