What are the characteristics of (or conditions for) a good quality job?

Our topic of study is work and how to create a better or more useful definition of this term (or another work-related term such as job) A new definition may be needed for a variety of reasons: the dictionary definition is not adequate, the current definition has outlived its usefulness, is misleading, or is harmful to people.Choose one of these terms to focus your argument of definition: work, quality* job, work ethic* A “good” job might be a more common expression; however, the term “good” (or “bad”) is often used as a shortcut for a final evaluation that does not fully address a definition like this, so the term quality job is used here. If this term is selected, be prepared to develop an operational definition.ORGANIZATIONAL PLAN:Introductory Paragraph–sets the context for the new or better definition being argued (what’s at stake?) and concludes with the Thesis—states the position being arguedReasons or Evidence—multiple body paragraphs that provide support for the position being argued. Each type of reason or evidence usually consists of a general statement backed up by specific evidence from one of the texts being studied for this writing assignment.Counterargument—mentions at least one potential objection to the definitions being argued, acknowledges its validity, and rebuts it briefly.Concluding Paragraph—brings the essay to an end by recapping the points of support for the argument and reason(s) why this definition matters.Keep in mind that the purpose of an argumentative essay is to convince the reader of your position, so every part of that essay should in some way work towards supporting that particular position. At least three quotations from three different sources must be incorporated in the body paragraphs that provide reasons or evidence to support your position. Remember to introduce them, explain them, and make it clear to the reader how they relate to your overall argument. Also be sure that the counterargument mentions a position opposed to the one being argued, acknowledges the validity of the opposing view, and then rebuts (proves the opposing view to be false) with information that supports your position.Use three quotes from \”Acting out Culture\” James S. Miller articles:1.Depalma-\”Who gets the opportunities in America?\”2.Ehrenreich-\”How does society make money off the poor?\”3.Rampell-\”Have young people abandoned the work ethic?\”