What are the important attributes that make up vocal timbre?

For each of the following unrelated questions, please give your answer in a short paragraph:
1. What are the important attributes that make up vocal timbre? Can you name a singer whose timbre sounds different than what you might expect by just looking at him/her?
2. Volume, energy and distance in music can you think of how these concepts might also have meaning in another art form (painting, sculpture, drama, dance, etc.).
3. Give some examples from music YOU listen to about how the instrumentation affects your perception of the music.
4. Are there any common or recurring instrumental combinations in the music you listen to? Describe the instruments and what role they play. (For example in Jazz a common group would be piano, bass, drums and saxophone.)
5. Discuss the idea of texture in the art of sculpture or painting.
6. Discuss some of the cultural changes that occurred during the Renaissance Period. What aspects of music specifically were different than what came before?
7. Who is your favorite Baroque composer (or what is favorite baroque piece)? Why?
8. What are some of the differences between the works of Haydn and Mozart?
9. Discuss why program music became a characteristic genre of the romantic period in particular. were there program pieces from the classical or baroque periods?
10. Discuss some of the musical characteristics (form, texture, harmony, etc.) you hear in contemporary music versus earlier periods.

Thank you so much!