What previous career fields have you been in? Marketing Expert

This is a writing a report paper. The instructor need sources from Cuymayca college libery.Then instructor need write paper like this follow that.1. Name of person being interviewed.2. Occupation of person being interviewed3. Name and location of business or organization.4. What attracted you to this field?a. When did you begin working in this field?b. What previous career fields have you been in?5. How much education is necessary for this position?a. What level of education is required to begin working in this field?b. How much education do you have?c. How much does your college training actually prepare you for the skills needed in your occupation?d. Are there certain courses that would be most helpful?6. What personal qualities are most important in your occupation?7. What position can a college graduate with no experience realistically expect to obtain in this occupation?a. Are there opportunities in this field for those with no college training?8. What work/volunteer experience and/or skills would be advantages in this occupation?9. What are the sources of satisfaction in your job?10. What are the sources of frustration or disappointment? How do you handle them?11. What is the long and short-range employment outlook for this occupation?12. What is the salary range?13. What are the required duties of you particular job?a. What are the duties for an entry-level person?14. What are the opportunities for promotion/advancement in this field? How long does it take to get these promotions?15. Are there job-related pressures? If so, what is the source of these pressures? Are they self-imposed?16. What are the working conditions? Do you work alone, with a few people, or in a large group?17. Is there a kind of social life-style or “culture” included within this occupation?18. Is there a professional association in your career field that I could contact for information concerning future opportunities?19. Is there someone that you could refer me to for additional information about your career field?