What sort of life would it be best to have and pursue?

A paper on (What sort of life would it be best to have and to pursue?)
From Theories of Ethics book by Gordon Graham
As the author notes on page 57, these first five chapters present responses to the question What sort of life would it be best to have and to pursue? The chapters present various philosophical perspectives to answer this question. The chapters also argue the weaknesses and strengths of those perspectives and alternative versions of the perspectives.

This assignment requires that you consider chapters 1-5 of the text and use them to complete this papers guidelines.

For each chapter a particular philosophic perspective is presented. For this paper you are going to take any 2 chapters of the 5 (you choose which two) and explain how the perspectives respond to the question above and what important points each perspective focuses on to argue for the perspectives presented.
To do this you will need to:

define all terms presented that are pertinent to the philosophical perspective.
not present your opinion about the validity of the perspective but rather present an objective, thorough explanation that shows me you understand the philosophical thoughts proposed in each chapter you select.
appropriately cite excerpts from the text or any other work used. You may use APA or MLA format or,