.What type of functionality needed in your website, such as CRM?

**Complete the previous critical thinking paper by follow these requirements (attached in the additional materials) :** the previous paper was done by this website I want to continue the three pages following the previous paper5.5.Student is required to explain its E-commerce system functionality, such as: (200 – 300words)a.The product menu will show all the product we have in stoke.b.The contact button will have all the company contact details, social media linksFacebook, Instagram, etc.6.System design (Picture attachment).7.Determine the suitable software and hardware needed with an explanation on why it’s needed. (300- 400 words)a.What type of functionality needed in your website, such as CRM?b.What type of hardware needed? Do you need a server or it will be in the cloud?8.Identifying security issues as well as how to avoid it. (200 – 300 words)a. What type of security? To whom or to what?B. Potential threats to your website?c. Recommendation.