What you learned thru this class

Please see additional reading at the bottom of this page.Regardless of the route, critical consciousness does not come without one engaging in difficult conversations and facing what it means to be privileged.A difficult dialogue is a verbal or written exchange of ideas or opinions between citizens within a community that centers on an awakening of potentially conflicting views of beliefs or values about social justice issues (such as racism, sexism, ableism, heterosexism/homophobia).Let’s have a difficult conversation –what does it mean to be privileged?are you privileged?if so, how?If not, how?Six Assumptions1). The exploration of privileged identity is an on-going socialization process.2). There is no ultimate level of consciousness that can be reached regarding one\’s privileged identity.3). Engaging in difficult dialogue is a necessary part of unlearning social oppression (i.e. racism, sexism/heterosexism/homophobia, and ableism).4). Defense modes are normal human reactions to the uncertainty that one feels when exploring their privileged identities in more depth.5). Defense modes are expressed in identifiable behaviors.6). Expressions of defense modes may vary by situation.Defense ModesContemplating, or Addressing his or her privileged identity. The defenses are presented over a range in response to an initial presentation of new and dissonance provoking awareness and continue through taking socially just action related to this new awareness.Privilege Identity describes reactions when individuals initially are presented with anxiety-provoking stimuli about social injustice. They include Denial, Deflection or Rationalization.Contemplating Privileged Identity explains participant reactions when they are beginning to think more intently about stimuli related to diversity and social injustice and they may displayIntellectualization, Principium, or False Envy. Addressing Privileged Identity portrays behaviors of participants who are attending to their dissonant feelings about social injustice related to this new awareness, and are involved in some action to resolve the issue.They may express the defenses of Benevolence or Minimization.expalin clearly all what is asked from you