. Why does Dickinson make the speaker of this poem \”a Boy\”?

Write an essay using the following poem.Provide a Psychological reading of the following poem. Here are some questions to help you think about the poem. When writing your essay do not give me a list of answers to these questions. You must write a coherent essay. This poem was one of the few poems published while Dickinson was alive. It appeared under the title \”The Snake,\” which was not Dickinson\’s title, but the addition of an editor. Does that title detract from the poem? Which words in the poem seem to add in the context of a snake? From a Freudian perspective, paraphrase the poem: that is, narrate what happens. Why does Dickinson make the speaker of this poem \”a Boy\”? What might \”Zero at the Bone\” mean? What fear or desire might be expressed by this phrase?Emily DickinsonA narrow fellow in the grassOccasionally rides;You may have met him,–did you not,His notice sudden is.The grass divides as with a comb,A spotted shaft is seen;And then it closes at your feetAnd opens further on.He likes a boggy acre,A floor too cool for corn.Yet when a child, and barefoot,I more than once, at morn,Have passed, I thought, a whip-lashUnbraiding in the sun,–When, stooping to secure it,It wrinkled, and was gone.Several of nature\’s peopleI know, and they know me;I feel for them a transportOf cordiality;But never met this fellow,Attended or alone,Without a tighter breathing,And zero at the bone.Other Requirements:Remember, this is a take home test, therefore you may use your lecture notes and the reading material to write your essay. As a result, you have the ability to be very specific about your interpretation.Use examples and quotes that best support your answers.Give your answer in the third personMLA formatSubmit your essay as an .doc, docx. The use of other file formats will result in a failing gradeEssay should be 3-4 pages in length.Your essay is worth 100 points