Why does Sextus believe that the skeptics position leads to the best life?Do you agree with Sextuss view? Why or why not?

What is the skeptics ability and how is it related to equipollence? Explain the skeptics method and show how it leads to the skeptics end using the selection of sextus empiricus book 1, chap 1-13. 1000-1200 words. clear, concise and very simple language and structure are required. please make sure something original (i.e. that is not in the reading) is written. The original part should be a third to one half of the body of the paper, the exegesis (philosopher\’s arguments) occupying two thirds. the part of the original arguments should be structured as follow: if against: 1- present criticism 2-anticipate a response 3- respond; if supporting (with) : 1-present a possible problem 2- respond to the problem.