Why does Students come to study in Oxfordshire?

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Topic: Why does Students come to study in Oxfordshire?

The assignment task is the implementation of an individual research project and it is in three parts, all of which MUST be completed:
Part A: the research proposal
Your first task is to develop a research proposal which will summarise the research that you plan to do. Your proposal should include:
i. Justification for your research based on a review of relevant and credible literature.
You should demonstrate understanding of current debates in the literature.
ii. A clear statement of a research question and associated research objectives
iii. A research design that is informed by an understanding of research approaches and methods, that establishes an appropriate timetable of activities, and addresses research ethics. It should be clearly linked to research question and objectives.

1- Title
2- Introduction
3- Literature review
4- Research question
5- Methodology
6- Timeline
7- References