Why is it important that the prevailing standard of care is used in nursing care?

Read Chapters 4 and review the PowerPoint SlidesWhy is it important that the prevailing standard of care is used in nursing care?What are the elements of cause of action and why must they exist to prove malpractice?What must the plaintiff prove to recover damages in the following situation?A wound care order stated that the wound be cleaned daily and dressed. It was found that the wound had not been cleaned or re-dressed in 4 days when an infection in the wound was found.You witnessed a physician use his fingers to palpate a sternal wound post by pass surgery. The wound oozed drainage. He then went to the next patient\’s room and palpated another wound without washing his hands. The second patient became infected also.A nurse administered Vistaril IM in a 15 year old buttocks. The 15 year screamed that its going down my leg. The nurse charts the patient had pain while receiving her Vistaril. The young patient had a noticeable limp upon discharge.Complete the Critically Thinking Challenge Exercise 4-1 in the text book :You hear nursing colleagues discussing prevention of malpractice, and you notice that some nurses are spending more time tending to patients’ records than they are in providing care to patients. Think about how this emphasis on “defensive practice,” that is, making sure that your patient’s chart is perfect, may actually impede the delivery of safe care. As you think about this issue, consider what the purpose of charting is. How can you use the medical record to enhance the care of your patients? How might excessive charting harm you in a malpractice suit?NB:COMPLETE THE ASSIGNMENTS:SUBMIT IN APA FORMATTED PAPERFYIThe textbook for this course is PROFESSIONAL NURSING CONCEPTS AND CHALLENGES BY BETH PERRY BLACK- SEVENTH EDITION