Women in leadership

Please write about the relationship between these independent and dependent variable below:

Independent variable
1. Womens political empowerment
2. Long term unemployment of women
3. Years in education (women)
4. Personal Earning in women

dependent variable:
health and happiness

1. First write General Idea about those Independent and dependent variables

2. Second I need you to write about how those variables depends on each other like, for example:
Explain about; Dose long term unemployment of women will led to less or high happiness
Dose higher Womens political empowerment the higher happiness
Dose low long term unemployment of women led to higher health
Dose higher personal earning will led to higher health and happiness
Dose more education women will be more healthier and happiness
And etc.

3. Use cases or previous studies or research papers From different countries to explain dose there is or not the relationship between those variable
4. Use statistics and data
5. Lastly mention that how those variable will help women to become a good leader