Women Inequality in the Workforce

The following paper needs to link the topic more clearly to the films. Make the films more of the focus and show how they create the meaning you are ascribing to them. It is a bit weaker on the films and sources for how the films create meaning. Try to make sure it is not just a traditional research with films tacked on (Apply more analysis to the films and how they construct meaning). For example the section on ideology opens with some broad generalizations about the working class. It would be better to discuss the films ideology and how they portray labour. Also, need to bring in our text more. You apply theory but not from our course or text. For example, If you did you could use the \”three waves of feminism\” film analysis rather than generally talking about feminism. If you could bring in the text it would greatly help your paper. However, separating out the theoretical concepts did not work that well. You end up describing the theory rather than applying it in an integrated way. Need to discuss the films meaning more and use the different theories as applied to different scenes.Films Used:- 9 to 5 (1980), Erin Brockovich (2000), Working girl (1988)Textbook Used: Storey, J. W. (2015). Cultural theory and popular culture: An Introduction. (7th ed.). Harlow,England: Pearson.Files Attached to \”Additional Materials\”:- Textbook Pages