Women\’s struggle to gain the vote

Paper must be double spaced, with one inch margins, using New Times Roman size 12 font.
Paper must have three distinct parts: an introduction, a middle, and a conclusions.
The introduction should tell the reader what you are going to say. It states a thesis, provides a roadmap, etc. in the middle section you communicate your ideas, make your argument, tell what you have found in your research. The conclusion tells the \”so what\” of the paper, what it all means, what implications it might have for further study.Avoid the use of first person pronouns and stay away from trite words such as amazing, incredible, huge, etc.you must use a minimum of five sources. At least three sources must be journal articles. You may also use books and internet sites, but only after you\’ve used three journal articles. Be very careful using internet sites. If you use one, it must end in edu, org, .gov, or net. You may not use Wikipedia. Proper citation of sources is required at the end of your paper in a bibliography. The bibliography is in addition to 5 pages of text.