Workflow process analysis for bar code medication administration in an oncology unit

Think about the chemotherapy administration workflow process in oncology unit and complete an analysis of the process.
Explain the system or workflow and in what way you believe improvement could be made or perhaps has already been made (specific to informatics/technology). This workflow analysis is the initial step that must be completed, that is gathering data and facts from multiple stakeholders, which will inform the development, acquisition, revision or maintenance of a system (i.e., its life cycle). Next, complete a gap analysis based on your analysis of the workflow. Then complete your posting with an assessment of the risk involved in the change.

Use this attached Template for your write-up.
Include a statement that explains how your proposed technology solution meets or does not meet meaningful use (MU) criteria ( see p. 230 in textbook and related links on MU in the Week 3 Overview under resources).

Reflect on the system development life cycle (SDLC) in relation to the quality of the organizational decision making through a project. What are some of the major stumbling blocks faced by health care organizations? Using the Waterfall Model SDLC approach, explain how you are able to assess which stage your technology solution resides?

Assess interoperability and its importance in implementing your technology solution/improvement

Discuss some of the characteristics of a well designed human-technology interface you would like to see with your technology solution.