Working thesis statement: There should be a more streamlined approach to holding local municipals responsible for damaged vehicles caused by negligent and poor roads and highways.

Your persuasive essay will need to meet the following criteria:APA 6th Edition format for the document, including an appropriately formatted title page and References pageA thesis statement at the end of the introduction paragraphWell-developed paragraphs that include evidence from sources to support your argument for a specific change in your community or workplaceFour reliable sources should be cited within the text of the Assignment; at least one of the cited sources should be either a book/ebook or a periodical article, preferably from the Kaplan Library.All cited sources need to have full citations on a References page (except for any interviews you conduct, which only require in-text citations)Standard American English and a formal tone throughout the writingOnly the third person point of view should be usedAchieving the above criteria should be your main goal with your academic essay. A strong and well-supported argument will be at least 4 pages (1,000 words long), not including the title page and references page.