Write a Lecture about The Martian: how to create water and grow potatoes on Mars

Choose the topics below for The Martian paper. This paper should be 600-800 words. Double space and use a 12-point font. Your paper will be evaluated on the following: 1) clarity of main idea and overall organization; 2) support through evidence and analysis; 3) concise and effective use of language; and 4) overall grammatical and mechanical correctness. For any quotations, put the page number in parentheses, per MLA convention. (You dont need the author name in the citation, since your entire essay is about the same author/text.)
3. Science: Take one of the more complex scientific sections in the novel The Martian and re-write it as an explanation for ninth grade readers with no knowledge of chemistry, physics, and so on (but assume they have a basic knowledge of algebra).