Write a personal expository reflective essay which covers a concept of power and how your understanding of this concept has been changed or reshaped by its representation in your three chosen texts (one novel, one film and one song)

this reflective expository essay is a final year 12 standard english essay for an australian student. The task is intended to be a culmination activity that allows you to utilise the skills gained throughout the study of english. It is a personal reflection essay and you\’re to discuss how your reading/viewing of 3 texts (one novel, one film and one song) have helped explore a concept of power. The concept of power that I chose and that you need to write about is the power of manipulation. The 3 texts I chose are Cruel Intentions as my film,Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn as my book, and the song \’Manipulation\’ by Fear Factor. You need to use these 3 texts above and write about the topic of manipulation. The opening paragraph has to include a \’hook\’. The body has to comprise of 3 paragraphs. Paragraph one needs to fous on manipulation and how it weakens peoples ability to think for themselves in situations and you need to deliberate why the manipulation controls us.Manipulation through deceit and lies, Paragraph 2 of the body you should focus on how we see manipulation in society through blackmail and fabricating evidence, and paragraph 3 of the body should focus on the affects and outcome of manipulation. Make sure that in each paragraph of the body you relate what you are writing to the chosen book/move/song and make sure you use them in different combinations (eg: book/movie, movie/song, book/song. You cannot discuss one text per paragraph. rather you should be discussing the texts together considering how each adds/reshapes your initial understanding. One point may have two or even three examples from different texts.3 paragraphs in the body.
Conclusion/Reflection needs to include a connection with your understanding of power.
Always remember that this needs to be a relfective expository essay