Write a Proposed internatioanlization strategy for company ABC

Task 1: Proposed internationalisation strategy(approximately 1,750 words)a. Advice on which European country should be selected for entry.b. Advice on dealing with institutional and cultural differences in Europe.c. Advice on the entry mode that your company willuse.d. Advice on the best organisational structures andcontrol strategies forsubsidiaries to help to attain the major objectivesof the parentcompany and advice on managing corporate responsibility issuesidentified by your companyThe advice given should be based on the academic literature and thetheory and evidence of factors relevant to this case and in the context ofthe background information previously provided. Material from relevantwebsites should also be useful to provide information and frameworksfrom which to base the advice offered in your report. Detailed data(statistics, and material that defines or explainsthe meanings of termsused in the report, etc.) used to support your advice should be put inappendices. These appendices will not count towardsthe 1,750 word limit.However, appendices cannot be used to overcome theword limit byincluding material that should be in the body of the reportThe emerging market firm that you focus on need notbe real. It is unlikelythat your chosen firm will be real, as this will require gathering informationthat is likely to be commercially sensitive. You donot have the time or theresources to gather this type of data, so you can use a fictitious firm in anexisting industry and from an existing country.Task 2: Reflective account(approximately 250 words)You are required to write a brief reflective account of your learning duringthe preparation of the above-mentioned internationalisation strategy foryour selected company.Your reflective account should be evidenced, by including an appendix inwhich you copy and pastefour postswhich you have made to the topicdiscussion forums – one from each topic discussionforum. Please includethe header section from Blackboard at the top of each post, which givesthe time and date of posting.