xplain the 3 Ds. What are the disability, disease, or dollar value?

*******BASED ON ORDER (81735342) LITERATURE REVIEW this is a continuation of that paper. the writer will use this paper to answer questions 1,2 and 3

Instructions for Assignment 3 Due Nov. 1, 2016

1.Purpose of the Study
The purpose statement is usually one or two sentences (not more than 2 sentences). The purpose statement usually contains the variables of interest and the characteristics of the participants.
For example: The purpose of this study was to examine the association between stress levels and alcohol consumption among Monroe College students.

2.Problem Statement (1 paragraph not less than 4 sentences)
Explain the problem. Explain the 3 Ds. What are the disability, disease, or dollar value? In other words, how does this problem affect a person? (disability). Can this problem lead to other diseases or complications if not address? What is the health care cost associated with this problem? What will happen if this problem is not address. Propose a solution.
3.Significance of the Study (1 -2 paragraphs)
This section tells the reader why the study is needed. This section is written with the research problem in mind. For this paragraph, the researcher uses information from the literature to justify the need. It usually attempts to show:
a. gaps in the literature
b. insufficient knowledge in the subject area
c. validation
It also shows how this research contributes to society (potential benefits. How will society benefit? How will individuals benefit?).

Please note that references are needed for both the Problem Statement and the Significance of the Study.