You are the adviser to the Victorian Minister for Health. The Minister has asked you to develop a policy statement for obesity.

Your policy statement should address the following:?
1. Why does the Minister need to address the area you have chosen; why is it a significant health issue with implications for the Victorian government? (20 marks)
2. Identify ethical aspects of your chosen policy area. How and why should the Minister address these issues? (30 marks)
3. Identify legal aspects of your chosen policy area. Include consideration of whether or not there should be changes to legislation and why. (30 marks)
4. Outline your recommendation to the Minister. (20 marks)

Criteria for Marking:
1. Cogency of arguments how convincing the arguments are
2. Coherence of the different points do the points make sense, do they fit together?
3. Correctness of issues to which you refer
4. Level of analysis displayed demonstrate an understanding that shows you have considered the issue being discussed and use references.

This essay is about health, law and ethics; Australian English would be preferred.

However, I have answered the question 1, so don\’t worry about question 1. I have included question 1 just for your reference.

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