your influences, interests, current work direction, brief life history, and reasons for applying to a graduate program at this time

My journey as a third culture kid has shaped me to be experimental, critical and curious. I was educated in my teens to be a critical thinker to question my culture, psychology and identity. Depressions, traumas and repressions are problems in conservative Asian culture we face daily but ignored lightly. The process in painting of pouring, waiting and layering act as a therapy to examine and response to these repressions in my past works. My goal in MFA is to bring my unique background, experience and plan to (institution\’s name) adding diversity in the Painting department where I can develop my series in intensive courses.
My experience at School of the Art Institute of Chicago prepared me to be productive, communicative and experimental. Through Independent Project: PTWD course, I had opportunity to work closely with a faculty member receiving one on one critique. I was guided to widen my research boundaries to look into Zhou B brothers, Akira Kurosawa and performances. Weekly, I had to work on my artist statements and present series of works which naturally improved my communication and presentation skills as an artist. During this time, I was able to participate in group exhibitions, events and live painting in Chicago where I could interact with artists, curators and audiences broadening my social connections which are still one of the assets I have today.
Coming back to Korea, I planned and taught art classes that would focus on research, experiments, critiques, and presentation where students could verbally and visually express their interests. I wanted to prepare them to voice their opinions and ideas with deepened philosophy and research in a depressing year of 2016. President Park scandal has put forward disturbing issues like corrupted education system, existence of blacklists for artists, and misused of taxes to the surface. This has led me to an ongoing project with psycho-drama therapists which addresses repressions in society as a female and a member of society. My aim is to continue this project worldwide to bring a small change and inform people of the seriousness of the problems we face living in the midst of chaotic scandals.
Therefore, it is important for me to find the right institution where the department supports their students in development and research with funds, rich resources and mentors. This is why I have chosen (institution\’s name). I am excited to take classes not limited to Painting studios, but diverse group of electives where I can develop my flat pieces into three dimensional pieces, installations and videos. In addition to my visual works, I want to take courses in Psychology to study further on the development of one\’s identity and personality which will teach me beyond the books I have read. I wish to work closely with (faculty\’s names) as their works questions social issues, identity and materials closely connected to my interests. I believe that MFA program is one step further into my profession as global artist who wish to contribute to solutions in problems we face in society and art education today.