Zara Case Study

present its salient points (remember to immediately go to the points and dispense with the introduction and summary),
analyze it (this time, since we have covered additional material, ensure that you consider Zara\’s mission, strategy, tactics, SWOT, organizational structure, and operations management in your analysis), and
provide your recommendations for the company\’s courses of action supported by logical reasoning.
Content will be graded based on:

depth of analysis of Zara (not Inditex),
coherence of reasoning, and
thoroughness of coverage.
Presentation will be evaluated based on:

neatness and timeliness,
quality of grammar, spelling, and conciseness of presentation,
naming your submission file as IN434OL1ZaraYourFirst&LastNameSpring2016 (eg. IN434OL1ZaraChristinePomeranzSpring2016) with no spaces in between, and
adherence to the submission guidelines and in Word format.